Samsung MC28H5013AK Review


This Samsung MC28H5013AK Review looks at the many features that this television has to offer. It is also easier to clean than many competitors, including the Inventum MN308C and ETNA CMV328ZT. In addition, this ten-star MC28H5013AK television has a keramische binnenwand, making cleaning easier.

Samsung MC28H5013AK Review

The Samsung MC28H5013AK 28-L convection microwave oven comes with a lot of features. Besides, it has an ice blue LED display that gives it a classy look. It also has a deodourisation feature that forces all unpleasant smells out of the microwave’s cavity. The result is a taste that’s both fresh and pleasant.

This 28-liter microwave/combination oven has a sleek design and a touch control panel with an Ice Blue LED display. It offers six power settings and many cooking features. The appliance also uses fermentation technology, which means it can cook foods with high-quality flavor and aroma.

The Samsung MC28H5013AK Microwave Oven Black is available for Rs10,990 on Flipkart. The price of this model has not fluctuated much in the past year, although it has gone up a little over the last few months. Right now, this microwave oven is at its most expensive, but if you shop around, you’ll be able to find the best deal.

Samsung MC28H5013AK features

The Samsung MC28H5013AK is a 28 litre combination microwave oven that offers plenty of cooking options. It has a stylish design, a touch control panel, and an Ice Blue LED display. It offers six power levels and a host of cooking features. It also uses the latest fermentation technology to create moist and flavourful food.

The Samsung MC28H5013AK is available in black and is priced at Rs10,990. Flipkart is currently selling this product for this price. The last time we checked, it was fetched at 6:03 pm on 30/8/2022. With this low price, you may be able to get a bargain.