Tend to be Illness and Disease Whatever you Think They Are?


If someone explained you would catch a cold via being in a cold wind, do you believe them? How do you know you may catch a cold from the frosty wind? How do you not recognize it? Similarly, can you be sure what illness and disorder are? Do you know because your mother and father told you? Maybe your Doctor said? Or was it your private school teacher? Whoever ?t had been, ask yourself this question, who has told them, and how do these cards know?

Have you ever stopped to how you know what you know regarding something? Do you ever question what you learn or hear, until now just go along with the world and believe whatever is usually widespread at the time. Consider this for the second. Just because the world believes X causes Ymca, does it make it accurate? Will the mere fact that the world believes a cold wind makes you get cold mean that a chilly wind causes a cold? If most people believe eating chocolate bars makes you fat, does chocolate make you fat?

If you haven’t noticed, the health sector is constantly changing its beat on what is healthy and exactly is not, what causes a disease and exactly doesn’t etc. For example, many years ago, all forms of chocolate bars were declared unhealthy, and one was told to stay far away from them at all costs. Yet, this current year, the year 2012, we are at this point told that dark chocolate is incredibly good for us, and we are now encouraged to eat it. How exactly does that work?

Now, I am not necessarily saying this to overcome down on the health industry; these are doing their best with all the beliefs and resources they may have. But, for all who have sight to see and ears to know, there is more to health insurance and illness than what we notice through the masses. There is a less complicated and more precise answer to the causes of a cold and how folks get cancer.

Typically, once we think of illness and condition, we imagine something physical being the cause of our ailment. Like we traditionally think we could catch a virus coming from being coughed on or perhaps coming into physical contact with somebody who is “infected” with it. We all ascribe DNA and family genes as the source of our heart disease, weight issues, diseases, etc. We blame the health problems of the parents, grandparents, neighbours, animals, microwaves and so on.

You may notice that this specific health paradigm depends on one thing, “blame. ” Inside our current society, everything else is accountable to our health, and we are the sufferer. Nothing is our responsibility; it is all because of an “external” thing. Is it any wonder there is so much confusion and also fear in the world today?

We stand for though our DNA is something separate from you, even though it is part of you and within us. So? How does that work? It may seem entertaining, but this is how illness and disease are currently viewed. When you develop an ailment or sickness, we are told, “There is nothing you can do about it”, “it is in your DNA”, “it is the dog’s fault”, “you smoke too much”, “take this pill, in addition, to hope that it goes away, micron and on and on and on it goes.

In the current framework (belief system) of dealing with illness in addition to disease, we treat it so that it is 100% separate from us. The ailment or ailment is “out there”, and now we are told it is looking to harm us, destroy us etc. But is this so? When we think about this, does this make any good sense at all? Indeed there is a little bit of the jigsaw puzzle we are missing.

Thankfully, various jigsaw pieces are incomplete in mainstream medicine and the mass’s beliefs around strengthening well-being. I wrote several of these in my previous document, “3 Misconceptions about Illness and Disease. Micron The reality is we are not different in our health issues. They are really but outer manifestations regarding internal causes within people. Instead of being entirely at the mercy of illness and condition, we have 100% control over this. This may come as a jolt initially, but this is how it works.

Although not purposely, the current health framework stimulates fear, hate, anger, despair, and confusion. It reemphasizes the “victim” mentality and keeps people disempowered, not thinking they have any strength or ability to affect their health and well-being directly. As you may expect, the exact opposite of this is true. We are not “victims” of anything, let alone illnesses and diseases. The brand new paradigm of looking at health and fitness promotes freedom, love, serenity, power and clarity.

Maybe you have considered this before? As opposed to illness and disease as enemies, it is a friends. As opposed to it being separate coming from us, it is one around. Instead of it being wrong, it is positive. Instead of that being a nuisance, it is a surprise. Instead of it being a physical problem, it is a message coming from our bodies reflecting our subconscious thoughts and emotions within just us.

From this perspective, disease and disease is just a tool to help us become conscious of what we are unconscious of. It is a reflectivity of our internal thoughts in addition to emotions. This is all it can be. There is no need to examine DNA or any other physical thing to search for answers and cures. What causes it is not physical; therefore, the treatment is not physical. There is nothing different from us that we have practical experience. Somewhere along the way, we acquired an incorrect perception of what exactly our health issues are.

Connections, this is no longer important, grow older each now have a choice. It is usually a choice you didn’t assume you had until now, but it is available to people. The choice is this: Will you keep believing that illness and sickness is there to attack in addition to destroy you? Or is the reason there to help you? One will keep you in a very state of fear in addition to confusion, while the other will probably liberate you and allow someone to experience love and mobility. The choice is connected to you, and only one concern remains: what will you pick NOW?

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