Top 5 Songs About Ghosting


Ghosting can be an unpleasant and distressing experience that leaves one feeling hurt and confused. Through lyrics and mellow soundscape, this song captures both the sadness and anger that come with being ghosted.

This famous track explores the discomfort associated with being abandoned without explanation while providing a powerful reminder that standing up for yourself and not accepting being silenced is both painful and empowering.

Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know

Gotye’s chart-topping hit “Somebody That I Used to Know,” performed in collaboration with New Zealand art-pop singer Kimbra, has amassed 2 billion views on YouTube – becoming an instant classic and shaping the music scene of 2010. Luiz Bonfa Plays Great Songs was an instrumental recording from Luiz Bonfa that samples this mid-tempo ballad by Kimbra that received favorable critical reception and has been compared to work by Sting, David Bowie, and Bon Iver (American indie folk band). At Triple J Hottest 100 2011, this track finished ninth and earned nominations for Single of Year as well as Kimbra being selected Best Female Artist; at Grammy awards, it also won two Grammys, including Song of Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance respectively in 2012.

As there have been hundreds of songs discussing love and breakup, few have made as strong an impactful statement as Gotye’s version. Written from a male perspective and seeming to recount an experience when his ex wronged him in some way, this catchy tune subtly sends out patriarchal vibes that uphold gender norms that need to change for equality to become reality.

Miley Cyrus – Slide Away

Miley Cyrus made waves this Friday by unveiling her new track, “Slide Away,” just one week after announcing her separation from Liam Hemsworth. The way features emotive lyrics about how relationships end; its accompanying music video depicts Miley floating peacefully in a pool while looking on at fast-paced parties she wasn’t part of – something many could only wish they were there for themselves.

The lyrics of their song reflect their long, complicated relationship. Miley sings that their Malibu house burned down during wildfires in 2018 and that she misses their “whiskey and pills” days, yet says that things cannot go back to how they were when they first started dating as teenagers.

Miley may still be heartbroken from her split with Liam, especially after seeing him kiss Kaitlynn Carter from Brody Jenner on their Italian getaway, yet it appears she no longer wishes to fight for their marriage; rather it seems time to move forward – not easy but accurate love will eventually prevail in the end.

Joji – Slow Dancing In The Dark

Joji started off his YouTube career under the names Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, earning over 6 million subscribers through viral videos. Later, he signed with 88Rising and released his first album, Pink Season, last year; its songs, such as Nickelodeon Girls and Stfu, made waves within black comedy circles.

Slow Dancing in the Dark is the second single from Joji’s album and offers a heartbreaking account of an imploding relationship, likening it to an opaque, slow dance in which one cannot see their partner; Joji feels as if his relationship is slowly killing him off.

Joji appears in this music video dressed as a faun, representing fertility and lust according to Greek mythology. At the end of it all, however, he gets shot with Cupid’s arrow to symbolize his disinclination and desire to end their crumbling relationship. After many attempts at winning her back again, he finally gave up trying and allowed her to move on with another man instead. Musically, the song is very intense as well, showcasing Joji’s incredible vocal range; perhaps this work stands as his finest work yet! Check it out below!

The Disappearing Hopes – Love’s Vanishing Act

Ghosting can be an excruciatingly painful form of modern heartbreak, leaving many feeling confused and devastated. Artists have used music to perfectly capture the feelings associated with being ghosted: from confusion to anger – these songs will touch your soul and provide a cathartic release for anyone experiencing ghosting themselves. So next time your friend ghosts you, plug your headphones in and listen to these tracks to remind yourself you’re not alone.

If you need an empowering breakup song, Queen Bey’s “Irreplaceable” might just be what’s needed! Though not directly about ghosting, the song captures perfectly how feeling abandoned can leave us reeling – so crank this catchy tune and channel your inner Beyonce – after all, we are irreplaceable!

Minou explores the paradox of being Ignored through this beautiful song. Through a haunting composition featuring only silence, he exposes how powerless one feels without communication – though throughout his story, we see him be both an intellectual truth-seeker and creative artiste, dismantling any false dichotomy stating either/or.

Adele – Hello

Adele’s debut single from her 25 album is Hello – an emotional ballad about trying to reconnect with someone that she once loved. Directed by Darren Dolan after watching Adele perform at the Grammys, its director found inspiration to create it after using IMAX cameras for its shoot. Adele attempts reaching out to Alex, but no answer comes back – the song references betrayal and sorrow. Teachers should take note that its Genius page offers excellent lesson plan ideas, or click here for a PDF version from the Teachers Resources page.

Cage the Elephant – Cold Cold Cold

Cage the Elephant from Bowling Green, Kentucky, is well known for their high-energy live shows. On their recent album Unpeeled, they showed that their passion continues even when it’s subdued.

Matt Shultz’s voice is strong and clear, although lacking his more exciting moments as seen on songs like “Indy Kidz” or “Teeth”. However, it is still able to convey plenty of emotion. Additionally, this album appears to feature stronger melodies compared to their previous releases.

One of the band’s most beloved songs is “Cold Cold Cold.” The emotional lyrics have touched millions around the globe and have even inspired people to share their accounts of anxiety and depression.

This band offers a distinctive sound and features three very talented members. Brad Shultz may not be the most technical guitarist, but his catchy riffs make for enjoyable listening experience. Jared Champion and Daniel Tichenor could improve their overall performance; nonetheless this live act should not be missed and their music makes for a refreshing change of pace! The group makes for an exceptional live act and excellent listening choice!

Justin Bieber – One Last Time

Canadian singer Justin Bieber made an impressive return to music following an extended absence, releasing a new album and single, “One Last Time,” which became an immediate chart hit – reaching number 20 in multiple countries worldwide.

The accompanying music video portrays Bieber at a house party and also stars Usher and hometown friend Ryan Butler, who have over 714 million YouTube views to date.

Bieber uses this song to sing about his former love and express that they had nothing against each other but wish that they could meet again; unfortunately, this is impossible.

The song was co-written by Bieber, Benny Blanco, and Ed Sheeran and produced by Jon Bellion of Monsters & Strangerz. It features soulful elements with acoustic guitar and hip-hop beats as well as an interesting ticking clock-sounding percussion loop; Bieber also showcases different parts of his vocal range while switching between falsetto notes and lower notes during this track – peaking at number two on Billboard Hot 100 just briefly; long enough for it to earn double platinum certification status!