Self-assurance: What Is Confidence?


The word assurance is a term that is typically hard to define. What is it, and exactly does it look like? These are issues that can be asked. Through the act of comparability, one can see that there is a change between self-assured people and people that are not confident.

Years ago, I was at a schooling event, and one of the people running the course claimed, ‘Confidence doesn’t exist. In addition, upon hearing this, I became incredibly confused.

Examples of what exactly confidence looks like are often removed from people in the entertainment marketplace. So: actors, musicians, activities stars and presenters and so forth

The Meaning

On google. Com what it is all about is – 1. The opinion or belief that one can undoubtedly rely on someone or something; firm confidence: “we had every assurance in the staff”. 2 . Your feeling sure about the simple fact of something.

This signifies that the general meaning of assurance is that one believes in oneself and their ability to feature and perform in life.

Contemporary society

As well to these roles men and women play in entertainment, there are particular types of people that are seen because of the embodiment of self-assurance in our society. And also, this is usually portrayed through the sight of the mainstream media.

These are generally typically the people identified as: good looking, talented, well dressed up, wealthy and educated as an example.


Another powerful effect on the levels of confidence (belief) one has is the early childhood years. Just how one was treated simply by their caregivers and how their particular caregivers treated others may also play a significant role in this particular.

Here one’s caregivers can cause one to feel assured in themselves or not. And it could be that one was made to feel assured for what they did or whatever they had (external) and not regarding who they were (Internal).

Thus their confidence was never internalized and integrated; it was always based on some outside requirement being fulfilled.


What then happens is that these become the criteria regarding what confidence is and is not. If one has just what their social classes or childhood classed as self-assurance, then, in theory, they will sense confidence. And based on these requirements, if one won’t match up, they should feel unconfident.

The Exception

For every principle that there is, there are always exceptions, and also confidence is no different. Individuals who are classed as eye-catching are sometimes confident, and sometimes they may not be. Some people have incredible ability and ability and yet have zero confidence in what they do.

And also, being educated and possessing large sums of money doesn’t ensure that one genuinely believes in themselves.

So does this mean that when one has a few of these and one of these requirements and won’t feel confident, one is sold a lie? As well as that, one just needs to keep accumulating more.


Upon closer inspection of these community requirements and the requirements laid out in one’s child, it has become clear that these are all added in nature. They are using approval and acceptance connected with another person or people.

This also means that one is giving their particular power away to other folks. One allows another person to define how one recognizes oneself and what one is ready for.

The Other Side

On the reverse side, people who don’t feel assured, even though they have filled particular requirements, are people who behave confidently and yet don’t match up to society’s beliefs of what is needed to be assured. Or they may have a handful of these requirements.

So how can these people be confident when they are not following the rules regarding society or the requirements that have been expressed in one’s years as a child?

Of course, some people will be empowered for who they were in their childhood rather than conditioned to gain the approval of other people.


Due to the fact, what these requirements are usually doing is giving one particular the permission to feel assured and to believe in who they are. These requirements, in and of themselves, are neutral and use opinions and views regarding other people.

So through accomplishing or having a specific need, the mind can fulfil particular expectations, which have come about from the associations attached to the particular requirement/s. And this will then cause the intangible experience called confidence.

The Prison

The main benefit is that if one comes with these requirements, one can quickly feel confident, but this may not always be the case. It also ensures one’s confidence is at the particular whim of other people and circumstances. And this will mean that you are being enslaved due to this specific.

It is like an invisible net that everyone can become a part of without attention. This web attaches tends to make one emotionally and emotionally dependent on others and places a sense of management in the hands of someone else or a group of people.


A good way this web can be seen is actually when one goes to an additional country or when an individual from another country involves where one is. Here, you can be able to see a clear distinction in behaviour, and this is really because their mind is the interpretation the environment differently.

And this leads to them behaving in a way that might be seen as more accessible or nearly rebellious when compared to one’s behaviour or the behaviour of others.


We are all human, and we all have ego thoughts. Using the example of another nation or a person who has lived in another country helps to focus on the power of interpretations.

The way that all of us behave, how competent and good we are and how confident we have been are based on the interpretations in our hearts. And these are not fixed or even set in stone. They have come about via conditioning, and this can be changed.

The story plot

So the quote ‘Confidence does not exist creates many feelings. In as much as it is merely a state of mind. One may think they might be lying or deluding themselves if they were starting to see themselves as comfortable.

However, if one participates in the role without confidence, is there any other truth to this? It is only currently being perceived as the truth due to the idea being a role currently being interpreted as familiar and safe to the ego head.

My name is Oliver J 3rd there’s r Cooper, and I have been on a journey of self-consciousness for over nine years, and quite a while before that, I had an organic curiosity.

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