Top 5 YouTube Downloader MP3 Apps


Finding YouTube downloader mp3 apps online allows you to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files; some may be free, while others require subscription fees.

Once the conversion is complete, the site will offer you a link or button for downloading your file, allowing you to save it directly onto your computer or device.


Vidmate is a video downloader app designed to give you the best possible experience. Its many helpful features, such as its search box that allows you to locate videos to download or stream through its interface quickly, are all designed to enhance this process. In addition, its functional framework enables you to manage downloaded files as needed before deleting them when necessary – as well as an inbuilt playlist feature that allows users to play audio and video clips together in one location.

VidMate is a free-to-use app requiring a stable Internet connection to work. The application supports various file formats and downloading options for each one. Choose your speed preference when downloading files; HD videos are supported, too! Its user-friendly interface also makes VidMate easily usable on Android devices.

VidMate may not be working correctly for several reasons, including a slow Internet connection or your browser preventing VidMate from accessing specific files. You could try clearing the app’s cache and data to see if that fixes the issue; additionally, try switching browsers to test your internet connectivity.

Vidmate may seem harmless enough, but be wary that it can wreak havoc with your personal information and even install malicious code onto your device. Therefore, to protect yourself effectively, it is recommended to use either VPN or anti-virus software – plus, apps approved by Google will likely give the best results.

Vidmate can be used on Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices running LDPlayer 9 and on computers running OSX or Linux using LDPlayer 9’s free software program that works with most Android devices. Vidmate makes an ideal media player choice due to its compatibility with these devices – downloading HD videos and music is another benefit; plus, its content display option in both landscape and portrait modes makes viewing movies or television shows on mobile devices all the more convenient!


Snaptube is a video and music downloader that lets users easily save audio and video files from popular websites, including YouTube. It boasts several unique features that set it apart from similar apps, such as the ability to convert videos directly to MP3, support for various formats and resolutions, and a built-in player for playback. Furthermore, this free application requires no subscription but network and storage permissions; users must abide by terms of service when using Snaptube to avoid legal complications caused by downloading content without its author’s express consent.

Users of this app can search trending videos from YouTube and other social media platforms or enter keywords into a search bar to locate specific videos they want. Once their results appear, each contains a download button that can be used to save the file to their device – tap this top-of-screen button to begin the download process! Once held, videos can be played back using a built-in player or separately installed media apps.

Another highlight of the app is its ability to download multiple videos simultaneously, saving time and space on your phone. Furthermore, this app can pause/resume downloading when interrupted due to loss of internet connectivity and save those downloaded videos in different formats (including directly as MP3 files for easier listening on mobile devices).

The interface of this application is user-friendly, making its usage intuitive for any device – even those without prior experience in online video streaming. Furthermore, its support of various languages makes the program accessible worldwide.

To download Snaptube, visit its official website to find the latest version. Next, download and follow installation instructions for installing an APK file from outside the Google Play Store onto your device. Note: your security settings may require you to enable third-party applications before they can be installed successfully.


Ymusic is an Android application that lets users download music and videos from YouTube. Additionally, it features tools that enhance listening experiences for Android device owners. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface and compatibility allow for streaming audio from online radio stations – an invaluable feature when multitasking!

YMusic stands out from similar apps by not including annoying advertisements; its lack of advertising has proven attractive to users and earned positive feedback. Furthermore, this app offers high-quality audio streaming for an uninterrupted music listening experience and supports high-resolution downloads as MP3 files from YouTube videos – yet another key selling point!

This app is user-friendly, featuring a pop-up player that can be placed over other applications and an adjustable interval that lets you choose when songs playback, along with playlists to organize your favorites and an equalizer to enhance the listening experience. Additionally, this service can download multiple pieces at once; plus, there’s even an equilibrium built to enhance listening pleasure!

Though Ymusic provides an easy and enjoyable way to discover new songs, it is essential to remember not to download any content that violates copyrighted rights. If you doubt whether an item falls within this category, contact its original creator and request permission before downloading anything from Ymusic.

Ymusic APK is available to download for free and use across Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. A compatible Android emulator must also be present as an internet connection. Once you have an emulator on your computer, follow the onscreen instructions to install Ymusic APK onto it before launching and enjoying its features on your PC.

YMusic APK gathers your music history and recommends new tunes based on genres you enjoy listening to. Additionally, YMusic collects information on your location and preferences to provide tailored recommendations based on this data. Furthermore, its Top List feature compiles all music you have heard in an order according to how often they were played back – an effective way of keeping an overview of everything you have listened to!


TubeMate is a cutting-edge app that lets users download videos from major multimedia platforms with its easy user interface and multiple connection options while offering HD-quality videos for offline viewing.

This program makes it possible to extract MP3 files from YouTube videos, making this a valuable feature for anyone wanting to save content for later. Furthermore, it creates playlists to play YouTube videos offline, and while YouTube may not officially support this feature, it remains a valuable way of making backup copies or accessing offline.

TubeMate’s ability to download entire channels can be beneficial if you follow one in particular and wish to stay informed with its latest updates. Please be aware, however, that this feature may violate YouTube’s terms of service, so be cautious when making this choice.

It features an inbuilt media player to help playback downloaded videos and audio, though its performance may not match up with that of some more sophisticated media players available today. Users can set the app’s download speed at their preferred level to conserve data usage and reduce download completion timeframes.

TubeMate allows you to download YouTube videos, music, and subtitles from other sites – making it ideal for those who enjoy watching foreign shows and movies regularly. Plus, its data-saving capability means it could save significant space by downscaling video quality down to lower resolution levels on mobile phones!

TubeMate’s background running feature can also come in handy if your data plans are limited, enabling you to watch videos while working or using other apps on your phone – perfect if you commute frequently or travel where there is limited connectivity.