CVS Learning Hub – Training Programs For Pharmacy Technicians


CVS Learning Hub’s platform offers pharmacy technicians various training programs designed to improve job performance and prepare them for certification exams while also offering career advancement opportunities – for instance, by completing advanced training programs and becoming certified, pharmacy technicians could qualify for higher-paying positions.

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Training programs for pharmacy technicians

Pharmacy technician training programs equip students for work in community pharmacies and hospitals through classroom lectures, lab training, and simulated patient experience simulation. Some states mandate certification of pharmacy technicians by various private organizations; such accreditation may also be offered through multiple academic institutions.

CVS Learning Hub also offers continuing education courses for pharmacy technicians. These courses enable technicians to keep abreast of new medications, interactions between drugs, and industry changes and help them advance in their careers; for example, completing advanced training can qualify them for specialty roles or higher-paying positions.

Pharmacy technicians can select one of several training programs tailored to their needs and timelines, considering state requirements and offering certificate or associate degree courses in pharmacy technology. Some programs even cover the cost of professional certification exams!

CCNY’s Pharmacy Technician Training Program is an intensive two-year program offering general and pharmacy-specific coursework. Graduates will be equipped to process medication orders with an eye for detail – this is essential as pharmacy techs must measure, mix, and disperse prescription medication according to pharmacist orders while communicating effectively with other pharmacy professionals, patients, and medical providers.

Continuing education for pharmacy technicians

Continuing education for pharmacy technicians is integral to their work, particularly as medical advancements happen rapidly. Employers increasingly prefer or require their pharmacy technicians to become certified by organizations such as PTCB and NHA, though this certification may come with certain restrictions, such as attending continuing education classes every two years; many of these courses can be found online to help pharmacy technicians pass certification exams more efficiently and advance their careers as pharmacy technicians.

CVS Health Regional Learning Centers provide one of the most popular continuing education opportunities for pharmacy technicians. Their programs are specifically tailored to address the unique needs of pharmacy technicians within their communities while offering learning opportunities on topics like customer service and the latest pharmaceutical trends. Plus, all courses are free for CVS Health colleagues! Both live and on-demand options are available.

PTCB’s CE Directory can also be an invaluable resource for pharmacy technicians. This directory allows pharmacy technicians to locate and complete accredited CE courses for free – these typically work by unlocking activities as one is completed. To access it, visit their website and click on red text that says “Pharmacy Technician CE.” you will be taken directly to a page listing all available free programs tailored specifically towards pharmacy technicians.

Career advancement opportunities for pharmacy technicians

Pharmacy technicians looking to advance their careers can benefit from courses on CVS Learning Hub, which allows access from any computer with internet connectivity and offers flexible scheduling. Completing studies enables pharmacy technicians to earn certificates that will enhance resumes, job prospects, and higher salaries.

Apart from training, experience in the field can also aid a pharmacy technician’s advancement. This can be accomplished by accepting more responsibilities and demonstrating high levels of competence. Additional education and certification also positions technicians for advanced roles like lead pharmacist or pharmacy supervisor.

Attaining success as a pharmacy technician begins with attending as many training programs as possible. Doing this will familiarize you with industry policies, medication safety issues, and pharmacy operations – as well as working hard in your position – which may convince your boss that you’re an exceptional employee and lead to increased pay and benefits.

CVS Health offers several online resources for its employees, such as the Learning Hub website. Employees at all levels, including part-time workers, can access it; however, a manager must permit you to use it.

Login procedures for CVS Learnet

CVS Learnet is an online portal designed specifically to serve employees of CVS Health Corporation. This resource gives employees access to guidance, education, and tracking capabilities – among the top health learning management systems globally – making this portal free for CVS employees.

Establishing an account on the CVS Learnet employee portal is straightforward. Enter your username and password before clicking “Login.” From here, you can access your account dashboard or change it if necessary – an effortless experience that works on any computer or mobile device!

CVS Learnet allows you to set up courses so that completing one activity unlocks the next activity – whether finishing all activities within a section before moving on to the next or reaching a specific score on a graded activity unlocks another.

If you are having difficulties logging in to CVS Learnet, contact their customer service department for help. They’ll guide you through the website and answer any queries that arise. Alternatively, visit myhrcvshealth for further inquiries.